Limit 4 per Order - Sprint Fin (Fits all 8s and 4s)



Note: Fin stock was recently heavily delayed due to a vendor sourcing issue on a critical part in making them. Production has finally continued, but we have backorders to catch up on. A soft limit of 4 fins has been placed for about a week to help us catch up. Fins are being fulfilled in chronological order date, but if for whatever reason you have an urgent need to due a broken boat being off the water, please email mathew@pocock.com or include a note on your order as such and we will accommodate your urgency. Purchasing next day shipping is not a sufficient indicator of urgency and will not alone put you ahead in line to receive fulfillment. Thank you!

Ships with one each of the three fin screw lengths.

In order to avoid damaging your fin box, please take care to use the correct length when installing your fin. If you have any questions, please contact us!