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Notice: due to supply chain issues out of our control, and raw material price increases, you may notice the prices on some of our parts go up.

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Welcome to our Parts and Accessories page. The layout is intuitive and the process is easy! Once you place an order, our team will get you the parts you need, when you need them. Overnight shipping is available for most parts, so if you need a fin tomorrow, we can make it happen. More importantly, we’ve made a conscious effort to produce boats that minimize the expense, both in time and money, needed to keep them on the water and out of the repair bay. Pocock boats and parts are built tough and mindfully designed for easy maintenance, with many universal parts and hardware that will work across hulls and over time. While Pococks are never going to be the least expensive boats to buy, they are the least expensive boats to own. Let us prove it to you!