Frequently Asked Questions

Contacting Maas

Our customer service is available Monday-Friday, by email (maasboats@pocock.com) or by phone (510.232.1612). We do our best to respond within 24 hours if not immediately available. If you have sent an email and not received a response, please do check your spam or junk folder – not where we want to find ourselves, but sometimes it happens. Add us to your whitelist to ensure open communications!

How To Buy a New Maas Shell

We recommend purchasing your shell from one of our dealers. Your local dealer can provide you with demonstration rows to find the perfect boat, may have inventory closer to you, and will help get you started in your new shell.

How To Try a Maas Shell

Not sure which model you want? Arrange a test row with one of our dealers!

How To Buy Oars

Maas does not carry oars in inventory, but we can have oars drop-shipped to you from Dreher Oars. You may also purchase oars from most of our dealers.

A note on Maas Oars – Maas Oars were built by a related but separate company from Maas Boats. Maas Oars have not been made since the early 2000’s. Unfortunately this means that replacement parts, in particular the “Cleeve” – single unit collar and sleeve – is no longer available. 

How To Ship a Maas Shell

Used Boats, Demo Boats for Sale

Maas Boat Company does not have a fleet of used boats or demo boats. The best sources for used shells are our dealers, Row2k, Craftsbury (seasonally), and your local Craigslist.

Used Boat Pricing

Maas boats hold their value surprisingly well. The market will determine the final value, but a well maintained shell can easily sell for 40-70% the price of a new shell.

Returns and Refunds

Boat Purchases

Boat orders are secured with a down payment. Down payments are non-refundable. Any orders that are cancelled after payment in full will be refunded less the down payment and any merchant fees.

Parts Purchases

Parts orders that are cancelled or returned in unused condition will be refunded less any merchant fees.

Footstretchers and Shoes

Maas offers velcro straps and heel cups on our footstretchers, with the belief that this is the safest setup for open water rowing. We understand there are some rowers who prefer shoes, and/or are rowing on protected waters, who have mounted shoes on the bare plate, but that is not a service we provide. Do note our plates are NOT flat if you attempt any alterations!

For those who are really wanting an alternative stretcher, a possible fit is the Durham Boat Company footstretchers.

Oar Length

Maas recommends the overall length of 288 cm or 286 cm. Inboard length can be set at 88 cm, then tweaked for the rower’s preference for overlap and load.

Rigging, Spread and Pitch


A good place to start is 160cm from pin top to pin top. You will also want to make sure your pins are set equidistant from the centerline of the shell. Since there is no reference point for the center, the best way to ensure this is to measure from the outside of the opposite seat track to the top of the pin, and make sure this value matches for each side.


If you are using a pitch meter, you want to calibrate your pitch meter at the deck between the threaded inserts where the rigger attaches. This is the location where the boat is parallel to the waterline. Put your level meter along the edge of the deck at this spot. We recommend a 5 degree stern pitch to start, and your oarlocks will come from Maas with the 5 degree bushings installed. 

In general, if you have too much pitch your oars will tend to wash out; too little pitch and your oars will dig or dive at the catch.

Wing Wedges

These are NOT the same as the wedges for the Aero riggers. These were an optional accessory, no longer available, to raise and lower the height of the rigger. Also note that they were boat specific. To raise the wing, install them with the thicker portion facing forward (toward the cockpit). To lower the wing, face the thicker portion aft (furthest from the cockpit). After installing the wedges the oarlock pin will need to have the pitch reset.

Serial Number (HIN)

The HIN, or Hull Identification Number, can be found etched in the hull under the deck edge on the starboard stern, several inches forward from the stern post. This can be difficult to find on older hulls; sometimes smudging the area with a dirty finger will reveal the number. Note that all Maas shell HINs will begin with "XBQ". If your HIN starts with anything else it is not a Maas shell!

Docks and Rowing Shells

Maas shells, like many racing shells, have fairly low clearance at the dock. Ideally, your dock will have 4″ or less of freeboard. When getting in or out of your shell, ensure the rolled edge of the deck is clear of the dock. Also, avoid putting weight on your rigger when entering or exiting the shell – this can crack the old style Classic Aero rigger, or bend the aluminum wing.

Cartopping and Transportation

First you need a rack system. Some cars come with factory cross bars, but these are often not designed for the type of load a rowing shell will put on it. Yakima and Thule make solid rack systems as the base for carrying your boat.

The question comes up about the “best” cartop solution. Best is a subjective term, but here is a list of manufacturers who make cradles for holding longer boats. Note that manufacturers and products are subject to change.

Classic Aero, Riggers, Winged Riggers

The beloved Classic Aero was discontinued in 2018, and new manufacture of the Classic riggers was discontinued as well. Unfortunately, we no longer have Classic riggers in stock. Under NO circumstances should you attempt to attach a wing rigger to a classic Aero hull – the hull does not have the internal structure to support the wing and you will damage your boat. If you have a Classic Aero and have damaged a rigger, a repair may be possible, which can be done by a qualified or skilled composite repair person – maybe a local boat yard would have a recommendation

NEW! October 2020

Maas is now producing adapter plates to mount the winged rigger on the Classic Aero. The adapter plates are sold in pairs (port and starboard sides) and are available directly from Maas Boat Company. Visit our parts page for options and pricing.

Boat Repair Resources

Parts Compatibility List

For those maintaining a fleet of Maas shells, this can help determine where parts can be shared, or what parts you need to order for replacement purposes.









Maas 24








Maas 27




Maas Double




Historical Parts Compatibility

Some parts have evolved or changed over the years, check out our compatibility page for detailed information.