Instructional Videos

These two videos walk through the process of rigging your Maas shell for the first time. First step is setting the spread, followed by setting the pitch. Once set, you are ready to row!

Setting the Spread
Setting the Pitch

Note – it is possible to set the pitch without a pitch meter, but is a little more challenging. Once again, set the spread first. You will then need to level the boat. You can put the boat in slings and put a level along the gunwhale where the wing is mounted. Pad the sling(s) until the boat is level.

Since you don’t have a pitch meter, you will have to remove the oarlock and measure the pin directly. Use a vertical level along the pin. While maintaining a level shell, rotate and secure the oarlock knuckle/clamp until the pin is vertical. Reinstall the oarlock and you are ready to row.