The philosophy at Green Lake Crew is simple:  Pull hard, go fast, have fun. GLC has been offering this philosophy to the youth of Seattle, along with countless other intangible lessons that come along with the sport, since 1948.

Jason Frisk is the Director of Green Lake Crew and the Small Crafts Center.  Green Lake Crew is one of the largest juniors programs in the country, averaging around 150 young athletes per year.

In Jason’s 24 years at Green Lake he has seen thousands of kids come through the boat house.  ‘Raising money for kids and not turning people away from the sport is one of my biggest goals.  Its changed my life, and its changed the lives of thousands of kids.  We work really hard to provide access to sport.’

‘Seven or eight years ago, we had a challenge from John Tytus to try out a Pocock Hypercarbon 8+ — one for the boys and one for the girls.   We took them up on the challenge and used the equipment for a year.  We loved the boats, we loved the service and began purchasing from there forward.’

National championship-winning junior head coaches Coby Stites and Ed Maxwell, who consistently turn out some of the top junior athletes and crews in the nation, were key decision makers in choosing Pocock.

‘These boats are great for competitive racing’ says Stites.  ‘The weight range of the hulls cover the spectrum of girls and boys crews, and the kids get comfortable quickly which means they can pull harder.  We get tons of versatility with no compromise in performance.’

Durable, fast boats, along with responsive customer service is a must when you have 150 kids out on the water nearly every day for nine months out of the year.

From a program directors point of view, this is the ideal scenario. ‘The boats never break down on their own’ says Frisk.  ‘Having dependable, top-level equipment and a turnover plan saves us a lot of money’.

And money saved means getting more young athletes on the water.

‘We’ve made a difference in a lot of young kids lives.  We are proud of the program we provide.’