Built from the ground up.
The xVIII was designed from the ground up to be a revolutionary rowing masterpiece.  With a perfect parabolic shape for cutting through the water and a first in rowing bow-mounted wing, the xVIII is rowing perfection. 
Precision at our core
Every single boat that leaves the Pocock shop is championship ready.  After multiple weight checks, QC checkpoints, and many sets of eyes and hands going over every inch of the shell, it is carefully assembled to customer specs and then wrapped for protection until it reaches its new home.  
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Use the force
With a bow-mounted wing, the oarlock spreads the force evenly across the end of the rigger rather than being on top and requiring a bow-brace to stop the rigger and boat from twisting under torque.  The result is more power.  The benefit is undeniable. 
What the coaches are saying...
"The team refuses to row anything else.  So much potential." 
Coach Steve
"This boat fucks!"
Alex DelSordo
"Pocock has done it again.  They are so far ahead of the competition." 
Charlie Smith

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